We focus on your IT Services, so you can focus on your business.

Website Development

The real power of the Internet is in making it work for you. At StarTech Computing we are committed to developing the Internet strategy that is focused on your audiences’ needs and uses available technology effectively. We start by doing a needs analysis, learning your objectives and designing solutions that can:

  • Develop a communication tool that defines your position in the marketplace and helps you establish significant and productive relationships with your clients, potential clients and vendors
  • Expand your research capabilities providing a competitive edge
  • Include purchasing, inventory control, database management–all as a part of your specific and unique Internet solutions
  • Improve internal communication


Whether you are up-dating a long-established website or beginning your relationship with the Internet, we provide services from the ground up. Your customers, potential customers and vendors discover and judge your business based on your website. They expect frequent updates, access to product information and the ability to ask questions.

  • We work to understand what you need and learn what your customers and vendors expect
  • We build the solution that reflects your style and has the momentum to carry your business forward


Companies ranging from big corporate businesses to the local deli are making use of the Internet to increase sales, decrease costs and improve communication with customers, employees and vendors. StarTech Computing has the resources to offer a “turn key” approach to on-line commerce. Our expertise allows you to take advantage of the latest technology, research and capabilities to ensure your customers and vendors have a hassle-free and secure interaction with your company.


Communication inside your company is as critical as communication with your customers and vendors. A well designed Intranet facilitates information flow, standardizes forms, keeps employees current on your industry trends and eliminates the “nobody told me” factor.